Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Guildford Riverside Run

The Guildford Riveside run is being held this Sunday 16th October 2011 in aid of Disability challengers. http://www.disability-challengers.org/run2011

Disability Challengers is local to Guildford, providing a safe and friendly place for children and young adults with learning disabilities to spend some time away from their families to play in a stimulating and understanding enviroment. This is not only great for the child but also gives the family a break from providing constant care, allowing parents to spend more time giving attention to other children in the family or just to relax together and take some time to do the things they wouldn't have time for otherwise.

On Sunday I will be selling some of my foods (including my brownies) before, during and after the runs. So please come down and be a part of the day!

But for now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stays away :)

Emily x

Monday, 10 October 2011


I'm a few weeks behind with this post as a few weeks ago I spent the day at Goodwood with everyone from the Whiteley Clinic. It was my second time there and seeing as the first time I went last year, I spent the entire time wondering wether there was some method to the betting process someone hadn't told me, this time I felt more prepared. I figured that I'd have a better idea second time round. Unfortunately that logic didn't quite hold and true to form I lost every race!

Ah well, I was surrounded by lovely people and beautiful weather and everyone had a great day - it's always really great to go and do something totally different :)