Friday, 2 March 2012

Birthday time!

This year brought around a milestone birthday for me. Nothing particular happened on the actual day itself and work pretty much dominated as usual but with the prospect of a dinner out in the evening I couldn't complain too much. We all went out to CAU. Gosh I love that place! Sausages, ribs, sweet potato and chorizo salad? What more could I ask for?

Back at home I recieved a couple of presents, a book from a friend (I'm getting through it slowly - it's a heavy volume and I have 3 books presently on the go. I know; bad habit but I want to read them all and couldn't choose which to start first.) A lovely dress as a joint present from my sisters, lovely cards etc. My parents were the last to give me a card which informed me that I was going on a birthday weekend the next day. It was such a lovely suprise!

The next day I caught the train to Bath and had a wonderful weekend away, just wandering around and enjoying the unexpected beautiful weather.

So Gorgeous!! :D

I even got a chance to wear the dress my sisters gave me, out one night for dinner. <3

Completely in love with that dress. It's a problem!

As well as being in a gorgeous place and having spent my birthday in wonderful company, this birthday also meant a lot to me on another level. It's the first birthday I've had where I haven't had to be concious of health restrictions. Not once did I think, " If I walk there will I have enough energy to get back?" or having to constantly worry about having to lie down or take time out. Pain didn't rear it's ugly head and I was able to smile and enjoy my weekend for the entire duration. This may seem like a very normal weekend for most, but for me, having to lie down and rest for most of the day, only managing to pop out occasionally for a short drive, a year or two ago was the norm. Being able to walk wherever I wanted for however long I wanted all day was a pipedream. One I never thought I'd be able to experience again. Let alone feel great! :)

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