Friday, 9 March 2012

Can't get enough of Birthdays!

For those of you who don't know (which I assume is the majority - I might be a little freaked out if I thought that the date of my mums birthday was universal knowledge) it's my mum's birthday this week. I know, our family is seriously making the most of Birthdays at the moment.

Another fact you may not know is that my mum is Polish. So naturally the fare of choice was of course Polish. However there is an extreme lack of Polish restaurants around so we had a bit of a hunt on our hands. Eventually we found one and booked a night out at Malina in London. Immediately impressed by their site and bowled over by their cute Marlina (translation; raspberry) logo and theme is wasn't even an option. We were so there.

And wow did it not disappoint!

Isn't that raspberry so cute?

I started the evening off with a bowl of Barszcz - a clear red beetroot soup. I love this clear broth. I chose the Barszcz ukraiński as I like the beetroot pieces in the broth.

The family ordered a plate of pierogi containing Mięso - meat (pork and beef) and Kapusta z Grzybami - cabbage and mushroom. I think I must have blinked at an inopportune moment because one second they were there and the next... well... not so much! As I am half polish I have a soft spot for these and so I couldnt pass up an opportunity to sneak one. Must have been the most savoured pierogi in the world. Meat pierogi are definitely best. No contest :)

Next was the main course. Oh yes, in traditional Polish style there's more. Always more!

Placki ziemniaczane

My famiy had Golabki - rolled meat with a bit of rice wrapped in cabbage leaves. Placki ziemniaczane; Like a potato pancake, this one had mushrooms and a wild mushroom sauce. Pork fillet in a mushroom sauce with roast potatoes.

Zrazy z kopytka

My dish of choice was "Zrazy"; a rolled rump of beef with onion, gherkin and bacon in a gorgeously thick gravy with a side of runner beans and kasha. The rolled beef was lovely, especially when the sharpness of a piece of hidden gherkin found you and the gravy was wonderfully rich. I left the Kasha as I filled my sneaky quota up with my pierogi and a shared side of Kopytka; polish gnocchi. These were gorgeous but I made sure to only eat a few. Definitely an infrequent indulgence for me. But they made me speechless they were so good and it made me smile :)

Bigos... we cleaned it out - all that was left was an empty bread shell

The family also shared a meal of Bigos; hunters stew - full of kielbasa and other sausages and sauerkraut. It came in a rustic bread bowl. However to use the cliche, " it's what inside that matters," I think this definitely applies here. We ignored the bread and went to town on the Bigos held within. I myself only had a tablespoon as however much I love sauerkraut it doesn't love me!

Just when we were about to roll ourselves home we got a little glass to send us on our way. Homemade Raspberry Vodka. I'm not an alcohol drinker by any strech of the imagination. I mean seriously, no joke, I can barely ever finish even half a glass of any type of alcohol. I just don't like it. Doesn't make me feel good and on the whole doesn't taste good so I don't subscribe. However I am such a sucker for unique food/drink experiences so anything homemade or something im not going to get in a supermarket, I have to try... at least a tiny bit. With this I was pleasantly suprised. It was amazing! It was like raspberry syrup. Thick and sweet with the obligatory kick from the vodka - soooo nice! Despite this I STILL only managed a quarter of a way down this glass. See what I mean!

Sto lat mum! x

So moral of the story, my mum had a lovely time and I'm just hoping for another Birthday to crop up soon! :)


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