Monday, 12 March 2012

Happy belated British Pie Week

Happy British pie week everyone!

I know, that much loved and acknowledged week... ok, so I had no clue there was a week dedicated to pies until I followed a link off my twitter yesterday and by then the week had already gone by, but no matter, pies aren't just for pie week.

With my tardiness in regards to British pie week I figured I'd post a super quick recipe so any fellow late comers can follow my lead and save a bit of time and pretend it's still last week :) So these are technically classed as tarts but hey, that counts right? I'm not going to start being a pie snob now.
My delightfully simple mini jam tart recipe...

Cooking the tart cases beforehand allows them to remain flaky before adding the jam. Make these tarts on the day you intend to eat them to make the most of the flaky cases. You can cook these in any mini tart cases or using the bottom of a cupcake case like I did with my new silicone cupcake cases, which I got as a small, out of the blue present. Love it.

Makes about 15 bitesize tart cases


100g ground almonds
1 tablespoon butter (room temperature - NOT melted)
1 tablespoon honey
Pinch salt

Refined sugar free jam - I use St. Dalfours no added sugar jam range. I usually use my favourite; strawberry (who doesn't love strawberry?!) however we only had blackcurrant hanging out in the cupboard which still tasted great so I shan't complain!

Make it happen;
  • Preheat the oven to 160 degrees celcius (fan assisted oven)
  • In a bowl measure out the ground almonds
  • Add the butter, honey and salt; a crumbly mixture should form so get your hands in there and squeeze the mixture together until it forms a dough
  • Roll out the dough and use a mini biscuit cutter to cut out tiny circular rounds
  • I placed the dough in the bottom of my cupcake moulds (shown above) and then pressed the tart circles until there's a small crust round the edges - if you have a mini cupcake pan or something similar then grease these with a little butter and use the same method
  • Bake these for about 5 minutes - they cook extremely quickly so keep an eye on them
  • Once cooked they'll be slightly golden brown - remove from the oven and allow to cool
  • Once cooled take a small teaspoon of jam and add to the centre of the mini tart case
  • Voila!
Did you do anything for British Pie week or like me, were you completely oblivious until afterwards?

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