Monday, 26 March 2012

Cake and Mothers day

I thought I'd share a photo or two from the cake I made for Mothers Day last last weekend. With a few little tips.

1) Always make chocolate cake for the reason alone that it tastes of chocolate. It may be a simple rule but damn it it's true.

2) Do not make a 9" cake when you are only trying to feed 5 people. It will defeat you.

3) If you ignore rule 2 then at least don't make the cake in question three layers tall. This is cake suicide people. If there's a way to go this is it, but then you won't be around to enjoy future cakes... so overall, not advised.

So yes I managed to stick to rule 1 but 2 and 3 went out the window. Two out of three isn't too bad though right?
Chocolate frosting drenched cupcake for good measure :)

Mothers day cake!

You may wonder why the cake looks as though shrek has faceplanted ontop of the cake but there is a story behind this and it's actually fairly rational. Which is an achievement in my little insane world! Basically we tend to get caterpillar cakes for most occasions since we've been little. I've never been a massive fan of the caterpillar cakes but to uphold tradition, lo' and behold; a cheeky caterpillar face cake :)

Much more my cup of tea. Who says healthy can't be cute! And don't get me started on the taste! I tend to find the standard caterpillar cakes are dry and give you that lump in the throat kind of feeling. Bleurgh. But not this one!

The cake was a huge hit and everyone threatened to finish off the cake themselves. I enthousiatically joined in this chorus however on slice of this cake may look innocent but innocent it is not. Filled with truly heroic ingredients this cake is healthy as a cake would possbily want to be. However the taste is so very naughty. And however small that one slice may look, man does it fill you up. I truly was expecting to eat half the cake in a sitting and this isn't a rare phenomenon. I thought I could take it but hey on this occasion I got served. Cake you may have won this battle but trust me, the war has not even started yet!!

Bring. It. On.


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