Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Back to natural eating in Good Housekeeping and Surrey Times

Featured in Surrey Times; 15th August 2012 :)
I was recently very fortunate to have a recipe from my book, "Back to Natural Eating recipes by Emily Jane," featured in the September 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping. The lovely Eve Cameron included my "Brown bread" recipe in the magazine :)

Then, as the cherry on top of the grain-free cake, I've also been featured in the Surrey Times on 15th August 2012 :)
The article summarises some of the reasons why I started developing Emily Jane's Foods; which was initially to aid my recovery from ill health. As a bonus, my naturally lower carbohydrate and grain-free approach to eating, (which i also describe as primal-esque, having drawn inspiration from healthy lifestyle diets such as the caveman/ primal or paleo diets) also helps me to keep my weight and measurements in check.

I hope that anyone out there who is looking for any grain-free, gluten-free, lower carbohydrate, natural recipes for whatever reason enjoys the book and, more importantly, the food. Hopefully it might provide some ideas for the foods which you felt were out of reach because of health issues, intolerances or just out of the desire to eat healthier. Or maybe they might even cause some inspiration for how to create your own favourites in a healthier way, using real food.