Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Featured in The Green Parent magazine!!

So I had a lovely photo of the cover of the new Green Parent magazine (Feb/March 2013 edition) to post today but for some reason, I cannot post it. Not amused.

Update; Computer has temporarily dropped strike and I have added the photo :)

Computer let me upload it; finally! :)

But whilst I'm coaxing the computer to upload it, I wanted to say that I'm excited to let you know that I have a full page article under the Meet the Chef section, which includes my Vanilla Cashew Pancakes recipe (Back to Natural Eating); this makes a nice stack of scotch pancakes and with Pancake day less than a month away, it's a great recipe to keep to hand. There are also some other recipes in the food and drink section which I have been eyeing up and consequently added to my list to try out. I feel very honoured to be included in a magzine, which prioritises health and clean living so highly :)

I'm curious, Do any of you read magazines concerned with health and clean lifestyles such as The Green Parent? Or do you turn to the internet to get your information?
Personally, I like to read a lot of health blogs but I also like the sentimentality of a physical-hold-in-your-hand-paper-copy book or a magazine to sit down to, especially when travelling. I still find the whole idea of reading a book with a hot cup of peppermint tea (in my case) either in a coffee shop or sitting on the train quite romantic. Is that old fashioned? I feel relaxed just talking about it. Sigh...

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