Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Boxes, boxes everywhere but where's a bite to eat?

There hasn’t been a great deal of home cooking going on here lately.

As you may have noticed.
Things have been a little chaotic whilst we’ve been trying to set-up the house to be a little more comfortable. I should explain; every house we’ve moved to has always taken a while to properly settle into. For different reasons, most of the time building work comes first and then house rearranging can begin but sometimes life just gets in the way and the house has to take a bit of a backseat for a while and boxes remain the elephant in the room (I do always love looking through and unpacking all of the boxes eventually, to find items I didn’t remember I had – it’s a bit like Christmas :) ).

As anyone who has been in a house with building work/ refurnishing or to be honest anything involving more boxes of stuff you’d all but forgotten about and unearthing landscapes of dust at the same time will know, this can take longer than anticipated. Involving certain rooms being inactivated temporarily, whilst being rearranged and knocked about a bit.
Another obstacle which seems to arise, during busier moments, is cooking. A healthy home cooked meal is usually the last thing on your mind (funnily enough unless someone else cooks it for you – I find that’s always acceptable! :D I give such subtle hints! :P) as you slump on the floor amid the heaps of washing, clothes, recyclables and the usual array of furniture you broke trying to move it from one room to another through an inconceivably small doorway (In my defense - space always looks so much bigger before you actually start to move things around…).

So, when it comes to fuelling up what is one to do?
Go out for dinner?
Valid option; granted it’s way more expensive than eating in but it does get you out of the house for a while so you can rediscover what breathing air that isn’t filled with dust is like again (at a certain stage some might say this is priceless)
You could reach out for the phone and use this as an excuse for a takeaway? Again this very much depends on the takeaway and as this (I’m hoping) is a one off/ rare occurrence then there are some healthier options you can turn to in desperate moments.
Eat simple food involving little prep from home?

This depends on the level of “unrest” the house is in but you can do a surprising amount with very little.

I have predominantly chosen the third option. I feel better, the cleaner I eat and so eating healthier gives me more energy to keep up with most of the tasks which need to be done.
However, I’ve had 1.5 takeaways; one I had pad thai (this one contained rice noodles, not wheat – I find I’m ok with very occasional consumption of rice) which I topped with shredded duck. The 0.5 takeaway consisted of a handful of chips. I eat potatoes fairly regularly but not in takeaway chip form.

The majority of the time I’ve been eating;
Fresh fruit; green apples, banana and strawberries in particular. These are so easy to prep; wash and eat. Kindest recipe instructions ever! :)
Nuts and seeds; I have a jar of almond butter on standby for adding to fruit-based breakfasts and a small handful of nuts for snacking on; almonds, pecans, the odd cashew.
Hard boiled eggs; these are a great snack and a great source of protein. I boil a few eggs and leave them in the fridge for when I need a snack. Then peel and eat.
Vegtables; I’m a massive fan of the stirfry. A bit of fat eg organic or/and grassfed butter or coconut oil with a handful of colourful veggies and an egg or two sounds like perfection but if the cooker is off limits? Salads are the uncooked equivalent. Big topping-heavy salads make me smile and if only the weather would take the hint and get with the times I’d be eating them all the time.
Snacks; You’ll hear everywhere that processed foods are generally bad for you. I say it myself A LOT. However there are some packaged products which are pretty handy and the lesser of the evils when you’re in a tight spot and in need of food. One of my favourites lately has been Nakd bars. These bars are basically dates and nuts smushed into a bar. I’ve been using them as snacks for ages and they’ve saved me from hunger-induced bad choices many-a-time.

Do you have any go-to choices or tips for what to eat when life turns a bit topsy-turvy?
Here are a few snaps of my typical eats over the last few days;

Strawberries, 1/4 banana, few peanuts, 1 tsp almond butter

Lightly sauteed green veg and onion in butter


An "everything" salad