Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Easter Bunny has left the building

Easter seems so long ago today as I write this, however, the Easter bunny seems to have hung around a little longer as chocolaty surprises keep turning up in the strangest of places. The tumble-dryer having been the latest and potentially most treacherous of the lot so far (fortunately spotted before adding the clothes... and fabric softener... in case you were worried).

Easter egg hunts are the best. One of the most fun holiday traditions and age is completely irrelevant seeing as everyone turns into a kid throughout the duration anyway!

Family Easter Roast

Easter Dessert - all chocolated-out!!
My sister cooked an AMAZING roast for us on Easter Sunday. I don't think I'll ever complain about having the cooking done for me ;) However, it does tend to come with the tagline of helping with the washing up. If some genius out there could please come up with a way of cooking without the necessity of washing up afterwards I'll be extremely grateful.
So grateful I might make cake... gluten free cake :)

I should also mention that I indulged a little too much in the chocolatier things in life this Easter. Naughty. Very naughty. Hence the non-chocolatey pudding of strawberries and cream. Refreshing and healthy after the deep, comparatively dark taste of chocolate. This also makes me very excited because it means Summer is on the way! :)

Dino Eggs
However, having said that I also rekindled a love affair with the original model themselves. Forget chocolate eggs and go for the real deal. I've been seriously into eggs recently. Especially the hard-boiled kind. With it having been Easter and all this may just be a sentimental phase. However, I made up a bowl of what I'm calling "Dino Eggs" one of the mornings this week and oh my, the best breakfast I've had in ages! You know when you have a craving for a food and then it's just the best tasting thing ever?! Well, THAT. That is what happened. Never have hard boiled eggs been quite so delicious and I'm pretty much in love with them most of the time anyway.

Dyed Eggs :) Pretty

The reason I called these particular eggs "Dino Eggs" was because these beauties were our leftover dyed eggs from Easter. After peeling them, most of them retained spots of their dyed colour, mottling the whites of the eggs and well... my mind assessed the situation and decided that, "yep, they're what dinosaur eggs would look like." My mind's a colourful place. Anyway, as far as the subject of beauty in eggs goes; I think they're gorgeous! :)

So there we have it a family, fun-filled Easter weekend, which I'm fairly annoyed is over (hence my insistence on doing a brief recap post about it because if I keep talking about it then it's not over yet right?) and i'd quite like to do another Easter Eggs hunt... Maybe there's a summer equivalent??

What did you get up to for Easter? Also, any ideas on a summer variation of an Easter Egg hunt? Lastly, any idea on my query about automated washing-up from earlier in the post would be great too...

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