Friday, 20 June 2014

Nearly... the... weekend...

The title of this post should be taken slightly in jest as, to be honest, I've had a pretty good week.

Busy but good.


However, there has been one thing which I've been sorely missing from my working days and that's cake.
I know I'm not alone in this. just mentioning it to some of my family and colleagues during the week had advocated an array of responses such as; "oooo... cake," and "urg, thanks, now i'm hungry." Apparently people aren't massively thrilled when you just tell them ideas for what cake you're going to make when you are not directly offering them cake... #mybad #learnsomethingneweveryday

And in all honesty, I've already had #glutenfree cake this week. Getting home late on Monday, I decided that despite the slightly more pressing issue such as putting a wash on or sleeping, I was not going to sleep without cake. So banana cake it was! A completely unrefined recipe but it hit the spot (I'll be working on this).

"Buy a cake!" You say? That would be a perfectly good response and please don't think for one second that I haven't been tempted by the fudgy-looking brownies I walk past on may way to work. Because I have. A lot. #willpowerwhereareyou? #technicallynotcakebutthatsbeingpedantic
Yet, alas, except for the occasional deviance, I can't bring myself to buy "normal" cake that I know is bad for me without there being suitable occasion.

However, four days without any further cake seems to be too much. And apparently I had to share my baking-related pain with the world. #yourwelcome

If, like me, you're going to bake a cake this weekend, then you may find this article interesting. Although, there is one glaring issue I have with this article, as it naturally assumes that you will have cake leftover, which I have discovered is not always, and is often not, the case! #slicesoverrated #grabandeat

Happy #glutenfree Cake Eating! :)

So are you going to be baking this weekend?
What are your favorite types of cake?
How long is your "cake withdrawal period"?

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