A very brief history...

My family has a LONG history of ill health. I personally started accumulating symptoms from the age 9 starting off with bladder and bowel problems, which deteriorated over the years.
At age 15 I was bitten by a tick in Germany. Over the next year, more symptoms started appearing with increasing frequency until age 16 when I was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery during my GCSE’s.
My health continued to slip away and at age 17 I was too ill to go to school. I became housebound, only able to go outside in a wheelchair.
After countless medicines and treatment regimes I decided to take matters into my own hands and so I started a new treatment later that year. One of the ideas strongly advocated was to severely reduce / ideally eliminate grains from my diet and eat lower carbohydrate, only healthy and natural foods. High in protein and good fats, my carbohydrate intake mainly coming from vegetables and occasionally fruit.
I had started to drop products containing refined sugars and wheat products but armed with my new found knowledge, I binned the remaining grain filled foods and instead my diet mainly consisted of unprocessed, natural foods.
After the following tough months I was able to get up and walk around the house. I could do the small things which seem so trivial to me now, such as standing up in the shower, making breakfast or even staying awake for longer than a couple of hours during the day. Ever so slowly I started to feel I could do more. I was less bloated, my abdominal pains faded away, my skin became smoother and healthier, colour returned to my face and my eyes had life back in them.
After a while having chicken and broccoli every day became a little monotonous, so during the times I was well enough to get up and about around the house I became determined to make the most of my new way of eating. Totally excited at how my health was returning I was adamant I would make the most out of healthy foods. So I spent my time in the kitchen trying to recreate the foods I had loved when I was younger and fashion them in a way that eliminated the grains and processed foods and incorporated the healthy wholesome foods that I could eat now. There’s no rule saying brownies have to be heavily processed, high in carbohydrates made with flour and heaps of refined sugars. So why couldn’t I make a brownie that I could eat? I’d just have to be a little creative...

In between recovering and studying at home, and then later at part time school for my A levels, I experimented. I noted down foods I fancied, combinations I thought would go together and how it could work.
I love good food and with my mum and sisters also being unwell it was incredibly important to me to be able to give the people that I loved, food that was good for them and mostly that they would enjoy!
As I was well enough to get out and about by myself again, it became obvious that there weren’t any fun healthy foods. There were the “diet foods” and the foods containing heaps of chemicals but after my health experiences I wanted to eat something tasty but healthy and natural.
After a few frustrating trips out, I decided to do something about it. I know the great impact that this lifestyle and way of eating has had on me and so I started this blog to subject everyone to my ramblings on life, health, food and anything else I find slightly amusing :)
Emily Jane x

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